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  • This is to certify that I have used FIPROFORT – PLUS SPOT ON on various dogs against ticks and fleas. I have found the Spot- On very useful in routine practice.
    Different size depending on body weight of pet dogs and technology with each application is very good.
    The product can be safely advised for treatment/eradication of ticks and fleas in dogs.
    Dr. Udaya ravi Bhat M. S., Bangalore
  • STAPHBAN- Agood replacement to the human equivalent. Excellent results in stubborn ulcerated wounds and deep seated non- healing wounds. VISIOCARE- Good results seen in cases of KCS

    Dr. Priyadarshani Govind, Chennai
    M.V.Sc (Surgery)
  • Your product STAPHBAN, I haveused regularly against pyoderma, cut wounds and post operative cases and I got very good results.

    Dr. Biwa Kumar Saha, Kolkata
  • I am very much satisfied by using CARODYL 25 in canine practice for pain reliever.

    Dr. Dilip Kumar Das, Kolkata, M.V.Sc
  • "It is my plesure to inform you about feedback for your products Fiprofortplus spot on for ectoparasite control. 

    I am pretty happy and convinced with the result and availability. 

    Kudos to your sales team!"

    Thanks and Regards, 
    Dr. Makrand Chavan B.V.Sc. & AH. MVSc 
  • "  I personally used FIPROFORT spray and FIPROFORT PLUS  spot on on number of dogs and within weeks’ time I found all cases are free of ticks, fleas and even flea eggs. The result of FIPROFORT plus are excellent and satisfactory, it’s been highly prescribed by me in my day to day practice. "
    - Dr. Bapat
  • " This is to certify that Fiprofort “Spot On” has been used by me at my clinic. I find this effective with no adverse reactions. "
    - Dr. S.V.Sujatha
  •  "This is nice to share the feelings regarding the treatment results of tick menace of pets by using Fiprofort Plus, the combination of Fipronil and S-Methoprene. It is working excellent and the feedback from elite pet owner is very Satisfactory. "

    Dr. A. Ravi Kumar 
    Consultant Physician & Surgeon 

Media & events

SAVAVET organizes path-changing Cardiology Symposium In June 2019

Cardiology has been an important area for focus for SAVAVET. Ever since the launch of SAFEHEART in 2014, SAVAVET has reached out to the Indian Veterinary Community with various scientific updates to improve care of patients with Congestive Heart Failure.

Taking the initiative forward, SAVAVET organized Cardiology Symposium involving specialists in Small Animal Cardiology from India and abroad.

Dr Jens Haggstrom, Professor of Internal Medicine - Companion Animals & Section Head for Medicine and Surgery, Department of Clinical Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Upsala, Sweden was the international faculty. The Cardiology symposiums were held in Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai and more than 400 veterinarians attended the symposiums. Dr Sangeeta Vengsarkar Shah, Sr. Veterinary Cardiologist from Mumbai & Dr Jeyaraja Kirubakaran, Professor, Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai also delivered important lectures in Mumbai and Chennai respectively. 


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Three Years on a trot

Team SAVAVET celebrated the 3rd SAVA Excellence Award Function in Sri Lanka. The team of achievers, some of them accompanied by their families had an eventful trip and were recognized at a function held in Colombo in Feb’2019. Vinod Jadhav, Chairman – SAVA Group and Naresh Katara, CEO – SAVA Healthcare Ltd recognized the achievement of the achievers with certificates, trophies, and of course lot of good wishes for the future!

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SAVAVET participates in WSAVA 2018 in Singapore

Team SAVAVET participates in WSAVA 2018 held in Singapore. A large contingent of Indian veterinarians participated in the conference and made the global event successful. The Federation of Small Animal Practitioners Association of India (FSAPAI) also won the nomination to host the WSAVA event in Hyderabad, India in 2021.

ev1 ev2  

CVE Program in Kolkata with Prof. Nagarajan

SAVAVET Kolkata Team organized CVE Program in Kolkata Professor and Head, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai was the speaker. Dr Nagarajan spoke on two interesting practical topics – ‘How I diagnose cutaneous adverse food reaction in dogs?’ & ‘Practical approach for Parasitic dermatoses in pet practice’. Approximately 48 veterinarians in involved in private and public practice eagerly participated in the CVE program.

ev1 ev2  

SAVAVET participates in National Veterinary Foundation CE in Gurgaon

SAVAVET participated in the National Veterinary Foundation CE program held in Gurgaon. Veterinarians across India participated eagerly. SAVAVET was also recognized in the event for the Best Innovative Product Launch of the Year for Ichmune C Oral Solution. Ichmune C Oral Solution offers better dose convenience and titrations for patients with Atopic Dermatitis.

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>Achievers participate in the 2nd SAVA Sales Excellence Award Function in Dubai

Team SAVAVET flew east to land in Dubai for the 2nd SAVA Sales Excellence Award Function. Achievers of FY 2016-17 celebrated success at a glittering function in Dubai. Vinod Jadhav, Chairman – SAVA Group and Naresh Katara, CEO – SAVA Healthcare Ltd awarded certificates and trophies to achievers. Quite a hi-flying achievers were accompanied by their families for the function.

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SAVAVET participates in SAPAC CE in Kodaikanal

The Small Animal Pet Practitioners Association of Chennai conducted CVE program in Kodaikanal in July 2017. SAVAVET particpated in the program. The CVE program was held over 2 days and had Dr R Jayaprakash, Dr P Sridevi, Dr KG Umesh, Dr Srikumar, Dr J Venkhatesh, and Dr Amritha Deb as speakers. Doctors involved in small animal practice across Tamil Nadu participated in the program.  


CVE Program in Cardiology in Patna & Lucknow

SAVAVET organized a CVE Program in Small Animal Cardiology in Patna in August 2017. The event was well attended by veterinarians from Patna. Dr Jeyaraja Kirubakaran from Tirunelveli Veterinary College gave two interest lectures on ‘Cardiovascular Examination in small animals’ and ‘Basics of ECG’.

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Evening Networking Symposia on the side lines of WSAVA 2017 in Copenhagen

Team SAVAVET organized Evening Networking Symposia on the side lines of WSAVA 2017 in Copenhagen. Dr. Sangeeta Vengsarkar Shah, Sr Veterinary Cardiologist – Mumbai gave a lecture on ‘Managing Heart Failure – Tricks of the Trade’ to a packed audience of Indian delegates of the Conference.

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SAVAVET celebrates the Success in Thailand

Team SAVAVET took wings to hit the shores of Thailand. The 1st SAVA Sales Excellence Awards Function was held in Bangkok in August 2016 with more than 26 achievers across India joining the celebration. Those who contributed more got the opportunity to be accompanied by their relatives. The award function marked a significant step in the journey of SAVAVET. Vinod Jadhav, Chairman – SAVA Group & Subhash Nair, Vice – President, International Business joined the festivities and gave away the awards to the achievers.

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India International Pet Trade Fair, Pune, 17th,18th, 19thJanuary2014th

SAVAVET participated in the India International Pet Trade Fair held in Pune and organized by L B Associates, the publisher of India's largest companion animal magazine – Creature Companions. During this event, SAVAVET had an exhibition booth and reached out to veterinarians, pet owners, pet shop owners, and breeders.

In this 3-day event, SAVAVET also conducted free dry eye check-up camp.



National Congress of Canine Practice, Patna, 10th to 12th February 2014

SAVAVET participated in the National Congress on "Strategy for Canine Health care with focus on Zoonotic disease" on 10th -12th February in Patna. Through an exhibition booth, SAVAVET reached out to 250 veterinarians across the country.



CME in Pune, 27th June 2014

SAVAVET conducted a successful CME on "Treatment Modalities of Atopic Dermatitis" in association with Pet Doctors Association of Pune. The CME was attended by more than 50 veterinarians and was well appreciated.

Dr. Ansar Kamran, Associate Professor of Medicine at the Bangalore Veterinary College, shared his views on Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs specifically focusing on the challenges faced in its diagnosis, the treatment options available, and the value and role of Cyclosporine in the management of Atopic Dermatitis.

The CME also coincided with the launch of Ichmune C (Cyclosporine oral Capsules 25/50/100mg) by SAVAVET for the management of Atopic Dermatitis.
Furthermore, the veterinary community of Pune also came together to celebrate the World Veterinary Day, which fell on April 26th by cutting a cake and saying three cheers for the veterinary community!


CME in Kolkata, 14th June 2014

In its endeavor to reach out to the veterinary community through scientific platforms, SAVAVET organized a CME in Kolkata on 14th June 2014. Eminent academician and Dean of Bangalore Veterinary College, Prof. S Yathiraj, was the invited guest faculty for the CME. Prof.Yathiraj spoke on the "Recent Advances in the management of Atopic Dermatitis".

The highlight of the CME was the live demonstration of challenges faced in diagnosis in a dog with allergies. The meeting was attended by 40 veterinarians from Kolkata.



CME in Coimbatore, 15th June 2014

Continuing its commitment to science, SAVAVET organized a CME on treatment modalities in atopic dermatitis in association with Coimbatore Pet Practitioner's Association in Coimbatore. Dr B Nagarajan, Professor, Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine at Madras Veterinary College.

Dr Nagarajan shared his experience and views on the treatment of atopic dermatitis. The meeting was attended by 50 veterinarians from Coimbatore and nearby areas and was a grand success.


CME in Guwahati, 21th June 2014

SAVAVET organized a CME in Guwahati on 21st June 2014 with Dr Joydep Ghosh, Professor & Head at Dept. of Parasitology at West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Science, Kolkata. Dr Ghosh discussed with the audience on his thoughts about the treatment modalities in the management of atopic dermatitis.
25 veterinarians from Guwahati earnestly participated in the CME.

CME in Chennai, 22nd June 2014

SAVAVET's CME in Chennai on 22nd June 2014 was a grand success with more than 50 veterinarians participating in the CME.
Dr. Ansar Kamran, Associate Professor of Medicine at the Bangalore Veterinary College, shared his views on Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs specifically focusing on the challenges faced in its diagnosis, the treatment options available, and the value and role of Cyclosporine in the management of Atopic Dermatitis.
All the participants were extremely pleased with this scientific initiative.


Mumbai 16th December 2013

To take forward CARING FOR COMPANIONS campaign, SAVAVET which is Animal healthcare division of Sava sponsored and participated with great enthusiasm in the "Meet the industry event" arranged by Pet Practitioner's Association of Mumbai (PPAM). The event was graced by presence of more than 200 vets.

This prestigious event was inaugurated by Mr. VINOD JHADAV, director of SAVA GROUP OF COMPANINES

50 companies participated in the event among them we won the second best stall award. Doctor's showed great enthusiasm to put on Caring for Companions Badge

Doctors enjoyed playing games like Staphban Dart Board game at our stall prominent among them were Dr. Sunita Patel, Dr. S. Swali, and Dr. Markand Chavan




Cochin 21st December 2013 SAVAVET organized CME for Changing Trends in management of Canine Parasitology and Ocular Therapeutics

As we are galloping fast in Indian Vet space as a scientifically driven company, SAVAVET which is Animal Healthcare Division of SAVA Health care sponsored CME (Continuous Medical Education)

Renowned Veterinarian Dr Nambi A gave discourse on Changing Trends in management Canine Parasitology and Ocular Therapeutics. It had an attendance of 20 doctors

Doctors appreciated efforts put by us and said they look forward for such conferences to be organized in future




Bangalore 22nd December 2013 SAVAVET organized CME for Management of allergic disease in dogs and Updates on Canine Parasitology

Further to our gallop as a scientifically driven company, SAVAVET which is Animal Healthcare Division of SAVA Health care sponsored CME (Continuous Medical Education)

Well known Veterinarian Dr. Umesh Kallahali gave dissertation on Therapeutic Management of allergic disease in dogs and Updates on Canine Parasitology. It was a tremendously successful and landmark CME as seventy five renowned Doctors participated in it

This CME discussion was well appreciated by all doctors who participated and they also thanked our organization for conducting this event successfully




Hyderabad 25th August, 2013 - CME on ‘Ophthalmic Examination And Diagnostic Procedures’ and ‘Parasitic Dermatosis in Small Animal Practice’ at Hyderabad by Savavet team.

With the commitment to be vanguards in supporting and exploring the scientific advances in veterinary arena, SAVAVET- A division of SAVA Healthcare Limited organized CME (Continuing Medical Education) on 25th August, 2013 at Hyderabad. The prime objective of the event was to apprise and exchange understanding on innovative developments in ophthalmic and ectoparasitic segments of veterinary field amongst Pet practitioners.

The gathering of above 50 knowledge seeking veterinarians was addressed by Dr. A.P.Nambi, M.V.Sc., Ph.D Professor & Head Cum Director of CAFT in Clinical Medicine, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai. The entire experience was enormously appreciated and the wide ranges of products by Savavet were very well acknowledged by all the partakers.



Mumbai 1st Sept, 2013

In line with Sava’s mission to emerge as a key research based organization, SAVAVET which is the veterinary division of Sava, was the major sponsor for the CE on ‘SMALL ANIMAL OPTHALMALOGY’ arranged by Pet Practitioner's Association of Mumbai (PPAM). Venue of the event was Hotel Karl Residency, Andheri (W), Mumbai. The event was graced by the presence of more than 90 Vets.

The goal of the daylong occasion was to update practicing Veterinarians and promising Vets on various recent occurrences in Veterinary field. Renown practicing Veterinarian, Dr Mrs C Ramani, MVSc, PhD , Professor, Surgery, TANUVAS, Chennai addressed chief current focuses in Veterinary as revealed below:


  • Diagnostic equipments and Sequence of ophthalmic examination
  • Surgical management of Nictitans gland prolapse in dog
  • Surgical management of Corneal ulcers.
  • Management of  Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca
  • Management of Nasolacrimal duct obstruction  and Red eye
  • Acute Glaucoma

She was complemented by Dr Mrs Komal Powar Raul, MVSc, Surgery practicing in Mumbai who threw light on following two areas.


  • Anamnesis / History Taking In Ocular Conditions
  • Ocular Manifestation in Systemic Infectious Diseases.

The entire event which imparted SAVAVET a unique opportunity to promote its novel and niche product range for distinguished companion care, was well accepted and greatly cherished by the veterinary community.



6thJune, 2013- SAVA participated in VIV Asia-2013 at Bangkok, Thailand

SAVAVET exhibited its unique range of products & contract research service offerings for animal healthcare in VIV Asia 2013 held from 13 to 15 March in Bangkok. This was the pioneer international exhibition for SAVAVET, an emerging veterinary health company of repute from India. The global veterinary industry participated in this event, contributing to make VIV Asia 2013 an unparalleled success. The 770 exhibitors showcased diversified, clear and complete range of products and services.

Savavet's stall was not only visited by key representatives from the rapidly growing animal healthcare industry of South East Asia, but also by large number of Russian buyers. In addition, there were many visitors from India, Pakistan and the Middle East. The number of visitors to exhibition was totaled at 33,229 from 118 countries, where 3244 visits recorded at conference and seminar held parallel. The overwhelming responses to SAVAVET's offerings were testimony of participation success. This high-growth unfragmented industry shall remain the SAVA Healthcare Limited's unbiased focus business area

where company shall invest its key resources to be a globally reckoned research-based animal healthcare organization by 20:20.



6th May, 2013- Savavet organized CME for "Advanced spot on treatment therapy" at Lucknow

Further to its scientific driven voyage towards companion healthcare, SAVAVET-A division of SAVA Healthcare Limited organized CME (Continuing Medical Education) on the eve of "World Veterinary Day"-27th April, 2013 at Bhartendu Academy, Gomati Nagar,Lucknow. The prime objective of a daylong collaborative session was to create awareness about advanced spot on treatment therapy amongst practitioners. It was also a platform to connect with the industry stakeholders as a knowledge based scientifically driven organization for pet healthcare with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The gathering of around 100 distinguished veterinarians was addressed by Dr. Badal Rathi, Manager-Medical Affairs, Sava Healthcare limited. The audience had equal count of leading vet practitioners, renowned scientists & academicians. The entire event was highly appreciated by all the participants.



6th June, 2013- SAVA at the VIV Russia, One of the largest international exhibitions in animal healthcare industry

VIV Russia hosted conference & exhibition to boost animal healthcare & agri-food business. The 3 day event took place from 21st May until 23rd May, 2013 at the Crocus Exhibition Centre in Moscow. SAVAVET participation was intended towards building trustworthy foundation for Russian and CIS customers. Almost 340 exhibitors exhibited product & service offerings.

The SAVAVET exhibit was very busy throughout the show. Visitors showed great exuberance in understanding niche product range. Prospective customers were fascinated with the unique products displayed & briefed by company representatives. Buyers were appreciative of SAVAVET's extensive efforts & investments in research, hands-on clinical & field testing. The showcase garnered significant response to SAVAVET research and development inclination and product distribution objectives. With customer responsiveness and operational supply chain efficiency as mainstay focus areas , SAVAVET is poised for bigger growth internationally in the coming era.



17th February, 2013:-

In relentless pursuit of animal welfare & consistent fraternity interaction, Savavet sponsored yet another scientific conference in the midst of February. The event was “Winter Clinical Meet” organized by VETERINARY PRACTITIONERS WELFARE ASSOCIATION (VPWA) at Navi Mumbai, on 17th February, 2013. The distinguished veterinarian gathering discussed present-day concerns in various therapeutic areas. Specialists delivered lectures exploring varied medications & treatments available in related therapeutic areas.

A daylong event took off with informative talk from Dr. Sangeeta Vengsarkar on “Approach to Management of Heart failure in canines”. This was followed by session on “Prolapse in Large Animals” by Dr. Vijay M. Patil. The last two sessions were “Choice of Drugs-A Different Perspective” & “Handling emergencies in companion avian patients” by Dr. Milind D. Deore & Dr. Shiwani D. Tandel respectively.

Around 70 pet practitioners in & around Navi Mumbai & Than assembled for this scientific meet. Savavet, co-sponsor of the event exhibited through stall displaying its unique product range. All the veterinarians visited & spent ample amount of time at the stall appreciating the present & upcoming products. The response was overwhelming with encouraging feedbacks for our flagship brand Fiprofort Plus. Scientific Quizzes & Puzzles testing medical brains were hosted by Savavet representatives along with informative banners & product standees. The event was grand success with edifying medical dialogs & exuberant response from all attendees.



9th February, 2013:-
Sava sponsored, 10th National Congress on Canine Practice organized by Indian Society for Advancement of Canine Practice at Goa

Hotel Manvin, Goa hosted 10th National Congress on Canine Practice 6th to 8th February 2013. The annual event was organized by “Indian Society for Advancement of Canine Practice”, an illustrious  name in pet care industry. The three day program commensurate with  discussions on techno-commercial challenges & opportunities for the industry going ahead.

Savavet’ was one of the lead sponsors has showcased product range & medical information on various diseases. The information & products from Savavet were duly appreciated by all the delegates. Especially Fiprofort plus, the flagship brand stole the show unique combination of Fipronil & S-Methoprene against the ticks & fleas. Case study presented on the same along with Osteo-Arthritis in pet was very well appreciated by all Veterinarians. The upcoming novel  range of products was projected & received accolades from veteran fraternity.

The technical discussion part of the event comprised of the Symposium on “New Horizons in Companion Animal Health & Management”. The gathering of more than 100 eminent pet practitioners’ attended the highly informative guest-lectures & interactions. The esteemed guest lecturers were touching all the aspect of various disease indications & medication therapy.

The discussions were  complied of 8 diverse topics. Lectures ranges from subjects like Canine Surgery, medications, general care, Reproduction & Breeding, Canine Microbiology, Virology & Immunology. The guest-lecturers from renowned  academic & industry organizations put light on therapeutic disease classes along with general pet care practices with minute details.


30th Jan 2013 :-
Savavet sponsored "SMALL ANIMAL ORTHOPAEDICS" CE & workshop organized by Pet Practitioner's Association of Mumbai (PPAM) and Bombay Veterinary College (BVC)

As a continuance to its guiding principle of close scientific engagement with prominent pet practitioner's fraternity Savavet sponsored a conference on "SMALL ANIMAL ORTHOPAEDICS". The event was conducted in conjunction with Bombay Veterinary College (BVC) and Pet Practitioner's Association of Mumbai (PPAM). This was the 3rd active involvement in the first month of launch of Savavet, Animal Health Division of Sava Healthcare Limited.

The event took place at monumental building of BVC on 27th Jan 2013, witnessing the gathering of around 80 distinguished veterinarians. Delegates were addressed by Dr. Gert Breur, Professor of Orthopaedics (University of Purdue, USA). The entire event was carried out in two phases, initial academic session followed by live wet lab exercises.

The entire event which bestowed on Savavet a unique opportunity to promote its novel and niche product range for distinguished companion care,was well received and highly appreciated by the veterinary fraternity.


18th Jan 2013 :-
Savavet partakes in the Calcutta Kennel Club 154th & 155th Championship Dog Show

For Savavet, there would be no better place than the oldest dog show in India to showcase legacy of crafting products for companion care. Savavet cherishes each opportunity to explore every touch point of stakeholders for the betterment of pet care industry.

The annual event organized by Calcutta Kennel Club at Kolkata took place during 18th to 20th January of 2013. The gathering lived to the nickname "City of joy" with 300 dogs participating & visitors more than 1500. The different breed categories participated ranged from world smallest Chihuahua to Large dog breed-Great Dane. The other breed categories were German shepherd, Bulldog, Beagle, Doberman, Golden retriever, Boxer. Bull mastiff, Saint Bernard. The competition was judged by panel of industry veterans- Mr. Robert Cleland (Australia), Mr. Chang Weng Who (Malaysia) & Mr. J. Rangarajan (India). Myfamilyvet.in the web site powered by Savavet as a virtual companion healthcare assistant & aide-mémoire for pet medication schedules and prescriptions received high accolades from pet lovers. Savavet stole the show that was attended by 20 companies with its eye-catching theme of Pet-vows with the core idea of building dyed-in-the-wool bond amongst pet owners & companion.


14th Jan 2013 :-
Indian market at PPAM (Pet Practitioner Association of Mumbai) exhibition with SAVAVET

SAVA Healthcare Limited unveiled its niche and distinguished pet care range for Indian market at PPAM (Pet Practitioner Association of Mumbai) exhibition with SAVAVET, its animal health division. PPAM is the most respected and prestigious body of pet practitioners in India .

PPAM's "Meet the industry " seminar and exhibit held on 16th December 2012 at Hotel Express INN, Thane provided an excellent platform for SAVAVET 
to reach out to the leading small animal vets who are PPAM members. Around 150 eminent veterinarians were present during the one day meet. 45 stalls from different pet healthcare companies exhibited various products.

SAVAVET introduced its research-based master-crafted niche products which were 'buzz of Icons' in the industry.

SAVAVET was also active participant in the 'Cricket match tournament ' held by PPAM alongside the event and demonstrated its active engagement with emerging veterinary fraternity of India.

Launch of 'Fiprofort Plus' the anti flea & tick treatment from SAVAVET in Indian market was the centre of attraction of the whole event .
SAVAVET received appreciation for bringing its break-through product range in India that bridges various medical treatment gaps of the pet community


Indian market at PPAM (Pet Practitioner Association of Mumbai) exhibition with SAVAVET Indian market at PPAM (Pet Practitioner Association of Mumbai) exhibition with SAVAVET Indian market at PPAM (Pet Practitioner Association of Mumbai) exhibition with SAVAVET