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  • Re-Hydrate regularly.
  • Swimming & Supervision

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  • This is to certify that I have used FIPROFORT – PLUS SPOT ON on various dogs against ticks and fleas. I have found the Spot- On very useful in routine practice.
    Different size depending on body weight of pet dogs and technology with each application is very good.
    The product can be safely advised for treatment/eradication of ticks and fleas in dogs.
    Dr. Udaya ravi Bhat M. S., Bangalore
  • STAPHBAN- Agood replacement to the human equivalent. Excellent results in stubborn ulcerated wounds and deep seated non- healing wounds. VISIOCARE- Good results seen in cases of KCS

    Dr. Priyadarshani Govind, Chennai
    M.V.Sc (Surgery)
  • Your product STAPHBAN, I haveused regularly against pyoderma, cut wounds and post operative cases and I got very good results.

    Dr. Biwa Kumar Saha, Kolkata
  • I am very much satisfied by using CARODYL 25 in canine practice for pain reliever.

    Dr. Dilip Kumar Das, Kolkata, M.V.Sc
  • "It is my plesure to inform you about feedback for your products Fiprofortplus spot on for ectoparasite control. 

    I am pretty happy and convinced with the result and availability. 

    Kudos to your sales team!"

    Thanks and Regards, 
    Dr. Makrand Chavan B.V.Sc. & AH. MVSc 
  • "  I personally used FIPROFORT spray and FIPROFORT PLUS  spot on on number of dogs and within weeks’ time I found all cases are free of ticks, fleas and even flea eggs. The result of FIPROFORT plus are excellent and satisfactory, it’s been highly prescribed by me in my day to day practice. "
    - Dr. Bapat
  • " This is to certify that Fiprofort “Spot On” has been used by me at my clinic. I find this effective with no adverse reactions. "
    - Dr. S.V.Sujatha
  •  "This is nice to share the feelings regarding the treatment results of tick menace of pets by using Fiprofort Plus, the combination of Fipronil and S-Methoprene. It is working excellent and the feedback from elite pet owner is very Satisfactory. "

    Dr. A. Ravi Kumar 
    Consultant Physician & Surgeon 

About Savavet

Life is precious to all of us. Life springs its preciousness from the unfathomable insignia of matchless experiences of happiness, well-being, love, or sorrow in our relationships. These experiences are often plagiaristic from our unlimited curiosity to look for extra-care quotient in our relationships to live few beautiful moments, to build unforgettable memories,  all to make  life ‘happy’, ‘healthy’ & ‘feel good’ in the real sense.


SAVAVET is an expression of our caring for companions, commonly those companions who stay real to the world of fellowship and selfless care. In this dynamic world where change is considered to be the only constant, there still persists a longing for something’s to remain as they were. What if your puppy, may it then be your companion pet, doesn’t notice you once you are back from work?


Don’t you feel good when your healthy happy puppy leaps up to greet you the moment you open the door! SAVAVET has been envisioned to care for such priceless happy moments through its dedicated offerings for the well-being of all companions.


SAVAVET is a division of SAVA HealthCare Ltd dedicated to the cause of companions care.


Esteemed in 2003, a USD $50 million SAVA Group has attained an iconic stature in the pharmaceutical arena making the lives of millions of people feel good with its range of high quality pharmaceutical,animal health and herbal products .


Over last 9 years SAVA has spread its wings across all corners of the world and has received accolades from Government of India enterprise, Pharmexcil for its outstanding export performance. SAVA’s 350+ healthcare products are wide spread over multiple therapeutic areas in the service of human life and are available in over 40 countries in both pharmaceutical and herbal categories.  Having almost a decade old rich experience over the quality, efficacy and reliability of its products that has stood over the test of time, SAVAVET has been exclusively designed to take forth the legacy of SAVA’s heritage in animal healthcare arena.


SAVAVET’s core belief lies in the fact that nurturing good health of companions is the responsibility of the owner and pampering them is a gratifying experience especially for the cause of precluding human health from communicable diseases.


SAVAVET strives to provide virtuous and impeccable products that not only nurture the health but also augments the true spirit of companion care.